We Love (Pink) October

There is so much to love about October. Sweater weather slowly starts to move in, Halloween just might be our favorite holiday, and we even have a Grace and Ricci birthday to celebrate. But for us, the most important reason is that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Because breast cancer is such a prominent disease, chances are likely that you know someone who has it. In fact, an estimated one in eight women will get breast cancer. Do you know seven other women? Scary.

Raising awareness is key to helping women be proactive. Doing self breast exams and getting mammograms just may save your life. Imagine someone saying "I wish I waited longer to go see my doctor."

Equally important to raising awareness is raising funds. The progress made from the research done in the last couple of decades has made breast cancer an increasingly treatable disease. And we can only get better.

Many retailers, vendors, and even restaurants, both locally and worldwide, will donate a portion of your purchase to breast cancer research. So, find your favorites and shop, eat, and shop some more!

This month, we ask you to do your part in a variety ways. Check in with your doctor and ask questions about your personal risk. Donate to one of the many breast cancer research funds. Or donate yourself. Speak with your daughters, friends, sisters, aunts, and neighbors about breast cancer and encourage them to be proactive, because it's never too soon.
From now, until the end of October, Grace and Ricci will donate 5% of all sales to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Let's change the world together.

The Grace and Ricci Team