Superfoods For The Holidays

Here at Grace & Ricci, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information on current trends in health, fitness, and fashion. Today we’d like to discuss that ever so prevalent buzzword ‘superfood’!  We’d like to help you better understand what a ‘superfood’ is and how to incorporate them into your holiday recipes to benefit the whole family.

In simple terms, a superfood is any nutrient-rich food that is beneficial to your health. This is obviously a very vague definition and unfortunately there is no definitive list of what constitutes a superfood. But don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of some of our favorite superfoods that you can incorporate into your holiday meals.


We ‘heart’ salmon! It’s a delicious delicate fish that is full of so much good stuff, but it’s most well-known for high Omega-3 Fatty Acid content. Omega-3s are incredibly important for your cardiovascular health and that’s why we ‘heart’ salmon so much. It might seem like a challenge to include Salmon in your holiday meals, but here at Grace & Ricci, we have a tradition of enjoying fish on Christmas Eve.

There are so many flavorful and healthy ways to prepare Salmon, from a simple pan fry or baked in the over with veggies. We like to indulge a little in grandma’s traditional salmon patty and creamed peas (another protein packed superfood!) recipe.

Brussel Sprouts

Not everyone is a fan, but brussel sprouts are super rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin C, which are both important for your health. Vitamin K might be known for healthy blood clotting, but it’s recently been shown to reduce bone loss. They are easy to prepare and can be a delicious, simple, and vitamin packed side dish for your holiday meals.

We love to simply roast the brussel sprouts in olive oil with a bit of garlic so they get a little bit crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are the super-iest of superfoods! They are extremely rich in vitamin A, which is great for your vision and immune system. Potatoes are a staple in holiday cooking. This year, you might consider replacing mashed potatoes with their nutrient rich alternative, sweet potatoes or re-work traditional recipes to exclude all the extra sweet stuff, like sugar, marshmallows, and maple syrup.   

We recommend simply baking or roasting your sweet potatoes so they retain all of their nutrients and aren’t packed with added sugars! You can add a bit of salt, pepper, and rosemary to season.


Cranberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber to improve immune system functions. The good news is there are lots of traditional cranberry based dishes that are made over the holidays. The only problem is that many of these dishes are packed with sugar and preservatives, so it might be time to ditch the super sugary cranberry jellies and sauces and start your own traditions.

We love this great recipe from Epicurious for Almond-Cranberry Quinoa cookies. It is packed with cranberries and other superfoods, almonds and quinoa! It can serve as a great alternative to those traditional cranberry dishes and replace all those other sugary sweets we all want to indulge in over the holidays.