MAC Makeup and Me

As I approach another summertime wedding, which are in abundance here in Cleveland, I am reminded of my own summertime wedding. The ever-important "hair and makeup" discussions are taking place, and it brings back the fondest memory of my path to MAC. 

It begins like most wedding tales do; as two single sisters go to the mall on a Friday for some aimless shopping. We walked by the MAC makeup counter and happened to make eye contact with a salesperson (let's call him "Teddy"). He looked at us and said "Come here, lets put some makeup on you!" I paused, because I knew what was going to happen. I would oblige, and be hit with a charge and a pushy sell. But I was so wrong.

Teddy pulled me and my sister into the center of the makeup stand where we chatted about music, makeup, and what we were wearing that night. (This is way back when that was the biggest decision of my day.)

When he was finished, we happily purchased our new favorite makeup and walked away fully content with the way we looked and how much we loved Teddy.
About a year later, I went shopping aimlessly solo and went by the same MAC counter. There was Teddy, blasting Janet (Ms. Jackson if ya nasty), while applying eyeliner in the mirror and singing along. Although I walked by and said nothing, we were best friends.

Fast forward four years, and me and my sister are both engaged. Who did we call? Our bestie. We hired Teddy for each of our weddings, to face the entire bridal party, including the mother of the bride. He did an amazing job and was worth every cent.

What is the moral of the story, you ask? Two thoughts come to mind. First, shopping is rewarding in so many ways. And second, always trust a man who knows every word to "Escapade".


The Grace and Ricci Team