Just Add Scissors: DIY Your New Favorite Summer Cutoffs


The feeling of putting on your favorite pair of shorts at the beginning of summer is like no other. Mine are my old cutoff jean shorts I've had for about 11 years, and I may be buried in them. I made them myself and you can too. 


1. Choose a pair of old jeans that you won't miss. Put them on.

  • Leave your jeggings in the closet for fall/winter. They do not make great shorts.

2. Determine where you want to cut and go for it. Be cautious; you can always go shorter.

  • A good rule of thumb is that the tighter the pant, then the longer the hem. If they are skin tight to the knee, you may want to consider a new pair of jeans to use. If they are loose enough to go really short, keep it below butt cheek level.
  • A trick to give the illusion of thinner legs is to keep the length just below the widest part of your leg. For me, this is about an inch under my saddle bags.

3. Take them off. Button and zip them. Lay them flat on a table. Fold in half, (button out) and make sure they are even at the hem. Take both pant legs and fold up and lay the hem on the pant leg where you are going to cut. Using the hem as your guide for a straight line, cut both pant legs at the same time. 

  • It's ok if both pants legs aren't perfectly symmetrical. In fact, it looks better when they are slightly askew (...slightly).
  • Now make a tiny snip at the side hem of each leg opening. Be sure to snip on the inner side of the hem. 

 4. Put them through the wash and dry them. 

  • This is the key step to complete the cutoff look
  • Once you put them back on, determine if you are happy with the length. If not, repeat Step 3. 

 5. Using your hands, pull at the side hems where you snipped and gently tug until you hear it rip. This will give you the finishing touch for that perfectly imperfect summer short. 

Now that you have a new pair of shorts, try styling it with a few different looks (our favorite part)! From serving as bathing suit cover up, to pairing with a feminine blouse (like our "Diane Tank") - jeans shorts are as versatile as jeans. Enjoy!

The Grace and Ricci Team