How to Make the Most Out of Spin Class

If you’re going to shell out the money and motivation to go to a spin class, you want to do it right. That’s why we’ve pulled together some tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes and make sure you have a rewarding and challenging workout every time.

Safety First
Make sure your bike is properly adjusted. The height of the seat should be about hip level, so that when sitting on the bike, your leg extends down to where there is only a slight bend in your knee. You should raise the handle bars to a comfortable position, where you don’t feel like you’re bending too far down or reaching too far forward. 

Push and Pull
During your class, push the pedals from your hips and pull with your thighs. This keeps the pressure off the knees. Keeping your core engaged will make this easier to do, by stabilizing you on the bike, and keeping strain off the lower back. 

Ride to the Beat
Generally, the instructor will use music to ride to that has an easy beat to catch. The idea is to raise and lower the resistance while staying on beat. Push and pull your pedals to the beat and follow the resistance directions your instructor gives you.  

Two for You, Three for Me
Keep in mind that all resistances are not created equal. A heavy resistance for you is not the same for your neighbor. Don't sweat about what your fellow riders are doing...only sweat from working as hard as you can!

Easy Doesn't Do It
Your workout should be difficult and uncomfortable (but never painful). Take a short break if you need to, but don't quit. Remember why you're there and what the goal is. Use your goal as a motivator throughout class to remember when you start getting tired. 

Cool It
Some days, when class ends, we’re on a tight schedule to make it to our next commitment. It’s tempting to skip the cool down to head out and keep up the momentum of your day. But rather than skip this step, end your ride early. Taking the time to slow your body down and stretch is critical for good muscle health. 

Whether you’re heading to your first or fiftieth spin class, we hope these tips make it a little more rewarding!


The Grace and Ricci Team